Saturday, October 18, 2008

Praise Allah for the Federal Write-In Ballot

A Peace Corps car came up to Atar this weekend with ballots for all of us procrastinators who didn't get our absentee ballots worked out in time. Which was most of us, actually. The paperwork for those things is ridiculous. Luckily it all worked out, and I have just submitted my first presidential election ballot!

A few thoughts on the election: not only is this my first time voting in a presidential election, it's the first time I've been so personally invested in the outcome, and I'm getting really excited! I can't imagine what it's like at home now; the energy has got to be crazy. Literally every Mauritanian I've talked to has been pro-Obama, which makes me feel like we have a real chance to make up for the last few years if he pulls this one out. Here's hoping!

Ok, that's it for now. I'll be hitching a free ride with the Peace Corps car down to Akjoujt tomorrow morning. I've been back and forth a lot this month, and while I feel like I haven't been spending enough time at site, I seem to be getting things done. Hooray for being busy! I'll be in Akjoujt for a few days, then back to site until just before Halloween. Hope you all are doing well!


Julie.Schrier said...

I voted, too! Praise Allah (or Jesus here, I suppose)! I'm really excited. Filipinos don't really care as long as the economy picks up (overseas workers carry this country's economy)... but I care! I miss you. Big hug.

Pablo said...

Hey elise, like your blog a lot, although Im going to like more the hamburger that your going to by me for our bet.
Miss ya

Anonymous said...

Great experiences here Elise. Relish the moment. Love reading you.
Love always, Mom

Hamdy vraiwa said...

حقا لقد كنت رائعة