Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Self-Proclaimed Slacker

I know I've been terrible at updating my blog recently, and it probably won't get better for a while. I've been running all over the country since Thanksgiving, and I'll only be doing more of that for Christmas/New Years/some Peace Corps training. Major events in the recent past:

1. Went to Boghe (city down south very close to the border with Senegal), hung out with a boy, ate something resembling real food, realized this country is not as stuffy as the north makes you feel like it is
2. Found a house of my own to move into!
3. Went to Akjoujt (city a couple hours south of Atar) for a birthday, ate something resembling real food (actually, yeah, it was real food), drank wine, sang karaoke, had a dance party

Currently, I'm in Atar for a day or two to take care of some loose ends (including this blog post). Major events of the near future:

1. Going back to Ain the 19th to make sure repairs get done on my new house, teach some English classes, say good-bye to people
2. Going to Akjoujt the 22nd for the first holiday party of the season, will probably eat something resembling real food (basically every event from here on out involves real food, which is something I'm extremely excited about but I'll stop saying it)
3. Going to Nouakchott for Christmas! Aside from the real food I just said I wouldn't mention, I will also be staying in a real hotel with real beds and real running water
4. Going somewhere down south to kill a couple of days between Christmas and New Years, when I'll be...
5. Going to St. Louis! Yeah, that's in Senegal. They have beaches. And bars. And did I mention real food?
6. Going back to Nouakchott for early-term reconnect (ETR) and in-service training (IST). Yay PC acronyms! That basically just means we'll all be hanging out in Nouakchott (see above) for an extra week. Sweet!

So yeah, that's my life right now, in a nut shell. I'll probably move into my new place when I get back from IST, assuming all the repairs are made. I love my family, but it's gonna be nice having my own space.

Anyway, just wanted to keep you all updated. I promise to post something other than a numbered chronological list of my physical locations as soon as possible :)

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