Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I finally have some decent pictures of where I am. There will definitely be more to follow, but for now, here's one of me on a hike outside the city. We're in the south, so this isn't really the desert, it's the Sahel. Looks pretty desertish to me, but I haven't been to the north yet. Up there it's all just dunes. Apparently there's sand boarding, which I'm pretty stoked to try.

Then there's the two street shots. The first one is of the main drag here in Rosso. The second is just a side street. The house where my classes are held is actually around the corner.
Just for some context. Enjoy!

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Kristine said...

Wow...I found your link from your facebook and I am simply amazed. THIS IS AWESOME. I really hope you enjoy your time and I will def. keep reading your blogs.

<3 Kasey (Pbrook)