Monday, July 21, 2008

Site Announcements!

I'm going to Ain Eheltaya! We finally had our site announcements this morning. Ain Eheltaya is 40 KM south of Atar, a major regional capital in the north of the country. I'm gonna be the first and only PVC there, so I'll be starting my GMC from scratch!

Most Girl's Education and Empowerment (GEE) volunteers work out of a girl's mentoring center (GMC). GEE as a sector just started a year ago, but a lot of GMCs had been started previously by Education volunteers, so many of the new GEE volunteers were able to continue and expand on the work that was already being done. A few volunteers last year started their own GMCs, and I think there are 6 of us starting new ones this year. Four of those volunteers will be working in pairs as site mates, and another girl and I will be going it alone. Eek! I'm very excited.

Ain Eheltaya is a village of about 5,000 people. From what I can tell, it has running water but no electricity. My info sheet called it a "beautiful and elegant village", and it has palm trees, which is very cool. I'll obviously know more about it after my site visit, which starts tomorrow. It'll probably be a 7 or 8 hour drive, and its on paved roads, so I've heard.

So I'm obviously excited beyond words. Adrenaline is running high all around, and I just seriously can't wait to head out. We've got prep this afternoon, and then a tech session. I'm glad we got all the heavy sessions out of the way before they announced our sites cause I wouldn't have been able to sit still!

I'll probably spend my time in both Ain Eheltaya and Atar, which is where a lot of the volunteers will be and a number of trainees have been placed. It's gonna be awesome to get away for a week and cut loose. Fill you in when I get back!! :)


Julie Schrier Schwartz said...

hi love. just caught up on reading your blog. it sounds like you're having an amazing experience... I am finally getting serious jitters and the whole Philippines thing is becoming real (although I'm still in a stand-off to be dentally cleared for me bruxism)... I can't believe you're starting a new site - so damn proud of you! love you lots, I'll work on this whole blogging thing...

hfarrior said...

Fun to read your blog, and Julie's comment. You guys are great. What an amazing experience. I'm sure it will test every ounce of your being at some point, but also show you how what you can do. I'll check in with your mom periodically:-). Big hug!

Anonymous said...

Love you, admire your courage and strength. Completely agree with hfarrior that at some point every once of your being is going to be tested. Hang on and everything will ok. Never forget that we are all here loving an routing (sp? for you.
Looking forward your next post. I'm going to Brasil 8/1 and coming back on Labor day. This is about the tenth comment I have writen you and google doesn't let me send. They dont accept my password my password, So now I'm sending this one through your Mom, She is a computer expert and I'm not!!!!
Vovó Elisa