Thursday, September 11, 2008

Play by Play: Jolly Ranchers and Kansas

Right now, I'm eating massive amounts of candy and jamming to classic rock hits with Brandon. In air conditioning. Oh, joy.



Sandor said...
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Sandor said...

Carry on my wayward daughter
There'll be peace when you are

Anonymous said...

Good reading about the simple pleasures you are finding there sweetheart...Love hearing the joy in your heart....Your dad is a hoot...Kansas, Indeed! Love, mom

Julie.Schrier said...

air con? what's that like?

I've been waiting and waiting for your post - I miss you so much!

We have site placement interviews next weeks and I have no idea what I want to say - I also have no idea what I wrote in that stupid question sheet months ago. That's what I get for not taking government paperwork seriously... who knows what I said that persuaded them to send me to a rural, dialect-speaking area. Anyway, I'll know my permanent site in two weeks and every time I think about that my heart skips a beat.

Did I mention that I love your blog and I miss you??