Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I got my first piece of Mauritanian clothing today! It's called a mulafa (see photo) and is usually worn by Moorish women. It's insanely more comfortable than anything I brought to wear cause it's really light weight and we can wear tank tops and capri pants underneath. You don't know how excited I was to wear pants today; legs tend to get really sweaty in this heat under long skirts.

So in the photo is myself obviously, and two other girls I went to the market with to buy our mulafas. I've been walking around town a lot more the last couple days, and it's really interesting. I'll have to take some pictures and post them cause there's no way I'll be able to describe it properly.

Yesterday we had our language exams and I'm pretty sure I placed out of French, which means I'll get to start learning another language immediately. Woohoo! I really want to learn Hassaniya, which is about 70-75% Arabic. I feel like its the language I'll find most useful outside of Mauritania. Unfortunately, I don't get to choose what I learn, but ultimately I'll be happy with whatever I end up with. It's going to be awesome no matter what!

Some PSAs: I'll be heading to my homestay Friday, which is the day after tomorrow. I'll probably be out of touch for a while, at least online, but I do have a cell phone now! Email me if you want the number and you can Skype me whenever you want. Hopefully. It depends on whether or not I get service wherever I am, but at least I have one, right? Also, I would really like to have your all phone numbers so I can get in touch with you. So email me that info too.

If I have time to post tomorrow night, I'll let you know where I'm going to be staying and what language I'm going to be learning (we find out tomorrow). If not, wish me luck (I'm definitely nervous about living with a family), and I'll post again in a few weeks. XOX


Anonymous said...

Cool Mulafa. I would recognize your toes anywhere Elise. I still think they look like little vienna sausages, all lined up. This is going to sound as if I am about 150 years old but I have to say it...It is really amazing how technology today allows us to communicate. Great hearing your voice on the phone and reading your blogg. This is the experience of a life time. Soak it all in sweerheart.
Love, mom

Elisa said...

I think your Mulafa is beautiful and you look very happy! I'm so happy to be able to get news from you. Wishing you lots of wonderful moments during the time you are in the Peace Corps.
Love, Vovó

Tio Zé said...

Great Elise
Nice to see on your way going through you dreams!
Thanks for the opportunity!
Tio Zé

Barbara said...

Cool outfit! I was really glad to hear from you. You'd been on my mind a lot lately. After reading your blog, I think I want to join the Peace Corps too! Hugs & love, Tia Babi

Anonymous said...

As I write this I am listening to "Around the World" and I can't help but laugh.

I guess I should start a blog too. Best of luck and I'm sure you'll be fine with your new family, it took a few days to get accustomed to the family I'm with here too...

Cheers, salud, and all that.

Samihah said...

How do you wrap the mulafa? I've been wanting to try one on.

rensina said...

I bought some fabrics from Mauritania two years ago when we travelled there,overland. BUT I don't know how to wear them and stupidly, did not ask a woman to show me how....can anyone help and show me /tell me how to wear a Mulafa? Love your blog x